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Full Qualification

 Occupational Health and Safety Representative

To Purchase the QCTO Qualification, one can either buy it in PARTS, or one can buy the COMPLETE QUALIFICATION:

Part 1: Occupational Health and Safety Representative – NQF Level 2, 32 Credits


The Occupational Health and Safety Representative: Serve as a link between employees and management regarding safety and health aspects in the workplace, they monitor and inspect the workplace, record and investigate incidents and ensure that the Occupational Health and safety needs of employees are prioritised and dealt with.

Part 1 + 2: Full Time Representative / OHS Assistant – NQF Level 3, Credits 49 (Also known as Occupational Health and Safety Officer)


The purpose of Part 2 of this qualification is to enable full time Occupational Health and Safety Representatives / Assistant OHS Officers to master all the knowledge practical skills and work experience to function effectively within industry.

Part 1 + 2 + 3: Occupational Health and Safety Quality Practitioner – NQF Level 5, 256 Credits, SAQA ID 99714 (Also known in the industry as Safety Coordinator or Safety and Health Advisor)


Serve as a facilitator and advisor to employees and management regarding safety and health aspects in the workplace including the monitoring and inspecting of the workplace, the recording and investigation of incidents and accidents. They also implement and maintain Occupational Health and Safety systems in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Period of one year and six months to completed this Qualification from Part 1 to Part 3.